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Fresh Food

What does “Fresh Food” mean to you?

The Thebault clan has been sick a lot lately.  When you have 6 people in the house, it takes at least a full week for the illness to get passed around to everyone – sometimes even two weeks – and by then we’re starting on a new one!  We haven’t had a house of dry noses in a couple of months.  This is part of my effort to combat sickness…

Fresh food!

To me, fresh food means lots of fruits and veggies.  You might notice that there are more than a couple of grapefruit in that bowl… I bought a bag that weighed more than my two boys put together!  Yummy.  Certainly all of that vitamin C will do us some good!

I am thankful that we have the resources to buy grapefruit.

We have the money to buy them, and we have a car to get us across town to the store.  Transportation is crucial because…

No Store

Did you know that there is no grocery store in East Waco?  50 years ago there were two stores, and now there aren’t any.  Can you imagine what it would be like to live without access to a grocery store?  Where in the world would you buy food?

You’d get food at the same places that my neighbors get food – gas stations, convenience stores, drug stores, dollar stores…  There are at least 2 dollar stores, 1 gas station, and 2 liquor stores within easy walking distance from our house.  And what kind of food do they sell there?

I can almost guarantee you that you can’t grapefruit at any of those places.

So What?

So what happens when your diet consists of convenience store food?  People in poverty struggle immensely with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other such diseases.  Most if not ALL of these diseases are preventable and reversible through diet alone, but you have to eat healthy food.  The chips, candy, soda, and frozen pizza sold down the street are only going to make things worse.

Couple this with the fact that many of the children in poverty grow up eating this food, and now young ones have taste buds that were never trained to eat healthy foods.  It will be difficult for them to grow up and change those food preferences – they are almost certainly going to struggle with the health problems of their parents.

What can we do?

There are lots of great folks in Waco trying to get healthy food into the hands of those without access to it.  We recently found out that the Downtown Waco Farmer’s Market is now accepting food stamps, and we were so excited!  It’s within walking distance for many of our neighbors, which gives them access.  It’s a great step in the right direction.

I encourage you to think about the people in your area and whether or not they are truly able to eat well.

The next time you eat a grapefruit, pray for those that lack resources and brainstorm ways to share that fresh food with those who desperately need it.

Christmas Break Treats!

We decided to start off break the right way… donuts!  I recently bought a cook book that contains this recipe, although you can also find it here:


Don’t be scared off by the name – these “vegan” donuts were awesome!

I over-filled the pan, so my first batch didn’t have holes in the middle:)   We were a bit less generous with the second batch and they turned out better.

Sami always eats the frosting off the top, and sometimes does’t even finish the part below!

I love kitchen gadgets.  We have a ton of pans and random utensils – anything to make food more fun!  We bake a lot in order to keep processed food out of the house as much as possible and replace it with whole, healthy food.  I have a growing recipe collection of snacks and treats – some met with more excitement than others! – but I’m thankful to have the option to make our food rather than relying on grocery stores.

We learned recently that, for the most part,  folks in poverty don’t bake.  They cook a bit, especially BBQ, but rarely bake.  Cookies, cakes, breads, etc. all come from the store.  From what I can gather, it’s a combination of factors – lack of experience, few cookbooks, lack of ingredients and cookware, etc.  Our neighbors don’t keep kitchens stocked with flour and sugar, and they probably don’t have pans, mixers, or spatulas.  When we make something for our neighbors, we are met with surprise and excitement!

My Boys!

My fabulous friend Sarah Hess took some pictures today of me and the boys.  I’m so thankful!  It’s incredibly difficult to pick up a camera these days… not to mention how hard it is to be photo ready myself.  Yay for photography!

Like a good neighbor…

A neighbor came by this week to check in.  He said he’d been worried about me, but that it looked like I was getting better.  Wow!  I thought maybe everyone saw me as this mega mom of 4 who didn’t freak out at the increasingly tall piles of dishes and didn’t wither after endless sleepless nights… guess I wasn’t fooling anyone after all.  Not really sure why I felt the need to try!  I’ve been tired and overwhelmed these last 4 months, and this guy could tell.  He knew the arrival of our 4th baby had been hard on me, and he was full of encouragement yesterday.  He’d been worried.  Again – wow!  When we moved here I had hoped we’d become part of the community, but had no idea what that would really look like.

I heard long ago that we don’t go to hard places to simply serve, but to be served and show others just how much they have to offer.  No one really wants to receive forever.  We were all created to give of ourselves, and in that place we find great joy.  We Thebaults are not the only ones giving.  In fact, I wonder if we’re really giving as much as we’re receiving!

We love our neighbors!

HOT Fair & Rodeo

We LOVE the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo!  The kids ask about it all year long.  This year they rode the horses and even got to roll around in those gerbil balls.  Yesterday they rode rides until they were dizzy, and then we headed inside to see the animals.  There was a pen with 3 baby cows!  So cute!  The owners were very kind and let the kids go inside the pen to play with the cows.

Remy loved the cows too, but was a bit intimidated by them!  

The owners then offered to put the girls up on top of a HUGE bull.  Wow!

They thought it was pretty fun that the bull had a ring in his nose:)

What wonderful folks!  Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make the rodeo a great experience for all.

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