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A great friend of mine once confessed that, if she walks into the home of a new acquaintance and that home is clean and picked up, she pretty much decides then and there that the two of them will never be friends.  Crazy?  Maybe not!  She said that she is intimidated by folks that have…

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Kian Maleki - Interesting, but I keep my apartment spotless because I like it that way for *me*! It’s my sanctuary and a tidy home makes me relaxed. I hear people say that they judge people who have very neat homes and it makes me think that they just need to judge.

Jennifer Van Ryn Thebault - That’s a very good point… it does make hospitality seem daunting, which isn’t the point at all! I like the way you think, Mike. But we already knew that :) Good to hear from you! Some of our crew is showing great running potential, much to their parents’ delight :)

Michael Reeves - I think it’s best to strike a happy medium. I think having the house *TOTALLY* trashed shows a touch of disrespect to your guests (though I am saying that as someone that cleans up after 2 adults and not 2 adults and 4 young kids so please don’t take offense). I remember when I was young my mom would kill herself (and me a bit) to make sure every cobweb was gone and every cranny dusted. To me it takes some fun and spontaneity out of having guests over. If you start equating friends visiting with 5 hours of housework who would ever invite guests? I also kind of need a lot of “me time” for running, programming, etc. and maybe I can spare 5 hours for guests but not 5 hours for guests AND 3-5 hours for cleaning. ANYWAYS. I miss you and your husband and hope to meet your growing cross country team some day! ;-)