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Category Archives: Just for Fun

Sweet Receipt

Let’s just start by saying that I am NOT a shopper!  Not even close.  If I happen upon a sale, it’s because God thought I needed to save a little money that day.  I took the boys to HEB yesterday for some grocery shopping and walked by the clearance aisle – holy smokes!  You wouldn’t…

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Fuzzy Girl

I don’t see my family much because they’re all up in the Great White North, and a question I often get is “Does Cosette have any hair yet?”  The answer is YES!  She’s blond as can be, and she’s got an adorable curly mullet in the back.  Pretty cute!

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Kristi - She’s adorable! Kate has the same outfit (and it’s probably the same size :) ). Can’t wait to see all of you!


God? Is that you watching over Mike and Karol’s house? Nope, just Jenny goofing around with her speedlite at 5am in the morning! My friend Sarah (www.fleetingmomentsphotography) takes some really cool pictures at night, and for whatever reason I am up early this morning so I thought I’d try to catch some stars. Not many…

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Anonymous - What a neat camera trick. Can’t wait to watch you do some of them when you get back. Miss you, Patricia

Bethgun - You’ll have to show me how you did that…really cool!