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Category Archives: Weddings

The Waco Today Article! YES!

Here it is!  My first publication!  The Waco Today is one of Waco’s monthly magazines.  I have to admit that it’s pretty darn fun to see my work in print.  I grabbed a bunch of copies yesterday so if you see me in the next week or so I’ll probably shove it in your lap. …

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Kim - Congrats, Jenny! I knew it wouldn’t be long before the world discovered just how fabulous your work is! I can’t wait to squeeze in one (or two) more sessions with you before you abandon us to head north!

The Fancy Dress

One of the things I was really sad about in December was the fact that I didn’t have many pictures of Elise in her flower girl dress. I was shooting the wedding and needed to get shots of the BRIDE… but oh how I wanted to do a little mini shoot with Elise! So since…

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Auntie Kie - i have the most gorgeous niece EVER!! miss you guys SO MUCH!! we will be in Houston Mother’s Day weekend…any chance we could see you that Saturday? let’s talk. luvies, kiera

Ricky & Elisabeth – an Ecuadorian Wedding

Here are a few of my favorites! The bride was GORGEOUS and the whole thing was awesome to watch. I’m thankful I was able to go, let alone help with the pictures! The ringsThe bridesmaids’ shoesThe bride and her father at the front of the church, before she was given away.They threw confetti and blew…

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Stephanie (Maya's mommy) - Hi Jennifer!!! I have been following your Ecuador journey, but have not commented because I have been over my head busy! But I’ve loved hearing about your experiences!! And your pictures…HOLY COW!!! You do beautiful work!!! Wow! If we can ever hook up, I’d love for you to do a session with Maya!
Well, have a wonderful last week. Many blessings to you, Chase, and those beautiful girls!!!

Bethgun - Love the shoe picture – it’s my favorite (though the others are lovely as well).

The Flower Girl

Elise is the flower girl in our cousin Kristen’s wedding this December! No doubt she’ll be cute , but we’re not sure if she’ll actually make it down the aisle! We went to try on dresses yesterday – here’s Elise checking herself out in the mirror. She thought she was a princess!

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A Captured Life Photography - Oh Beth, you know I can’t reveal my Photoshop secrets! The picture came out of the camera JUST like that! :)

Bethgun - Did you take some color out of the top photo? I love that feature on photoshop – makes the color of the person (and dress) really pop.

Crisanne - Clearly she is a princess! Didn’t you get the memo?

Thanks for reminding me about your blog. I’ll get you added to my reader to make it easy for me.