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Category Archives: Ecuador

We’re home! Whew!

Oh my. Chase and I were up at 3:30am yesterday morning and pulled up into our driveway at 11pm last night. We are pooped! But we are home. It was SCHWEET to sleep in my own bed again last night! And it didn’t smell moldy! (thinks mold like crazy in the jungle because of the…

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Crisanne - Glad to see you made it back safely! It’s been so much fun keeping up with you guys more regularly through the blog.

We Flew! It was INCREDIBLE!

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days of my life – right up there with my wedding and the birth of my first child. We met some key players in an amazing story. First, the story…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Taken from HCJB Global’s website – to read more, go to http://www.hcjb.org/about_us/history/operation_auca.html Operation Auca—the vision to introduce the…

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Holly - That’s amazing! God is so awesome! We pray for you guys every night. Jacob prays for his little cousins to be safe and healthy. I’m so glad you all got to have this experience, and as a family. We love you all!!

Kiera - wow jenny. i teared up while reading this. amazing. full of praise, kp