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Christmas Break Treats!

We decided to start off break the right way… donuts!  I recently bought a cook book that contains this recipe, although you can also find it here:


Don’t be scared off by the name – these “vegan” donuts were awesome!

I over-filled the pan, so my first batch didn’t have holes in the middle:)   We were a bit less generous with the second batch and they turned out better.

Sami always eats the frosting off the top, and sometimes does’t even finish the part below!

I love kitchen gadgets.  We have a ton of pans and random utensils – anything to make food more fun!  We bake a lot in order to keep processed food out of the house as much as possible and replace it with whole, healthy food.  I have a growing recipe collection of snacks and treats – some met with more excitement than others! – but I’m thankful to have the option to make our food rather than relying on grocery stores.

We learned recently that, for the most part,  folks in poverty don’t bake.  They cook a bit, especially BBQ, but rarely bake.  Cookies, cakes, breads, etc. all come from the store.  From what I can gather, it’s a combination of factors – lack of experience, few cookbooks, lack of ingredients and cookware, etc.  Our neighbors don’t keep kitchens stocked with flour and sugar, and they probably don’t have pans, mixers, or spatulas.  When we make something for our neighbors, we are met with surprise and excitement!
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