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East Waco Home

Time to Move!

Anytime you feel called to a specific area, there are logistical things that have to be done.  We were already living in Waco when we felt God was calling us to move to the East side, and Chase was already working in this area.  The only thing that stood in the way of the move was finding a place to live.

The Search Was On

We were initially discouraged while driving around the neighborhoods here.  Many of the homes are small, and many need some work.  We’re not opposed to fixing up a home, but we don’t have much free time and certainly don’t have any experience!  We did not find ONE move-in-ready home.  Well, at least not a home that I would consider ready.  My views on that have changed significantly in the last 2 years!

Could This Be It?

Our only real criteria was that the house was close to Chase’s clinic (preferably within walking distance) and have more than two bedrooms.  We drove up and down the streets and did not see many “For Sale” signs!  Our home had a “For Sale By Owner” sign stuck to the front of the house with a phone number.  I called merely out of curiosity, and was told a price that made me laugh.  What in the world must the house look like inside if you can buy it for that price?  I quickly forgot about it.  About a month later I received a call from the owners saying that they had reduced the price!  Was I still interested?  Well I’m not sure about interested, but I was VERY curious!  We arranged a time to meet the owners and walk through the house, and Chip Gaines from Magnolia Homes joined us to give us his opinion on whether or not the house could be salvaged.  When we arrived, Chip gave me the price it would take to tear it down and clear the lot!  But once we went inside, he was surprised and said he really did think it was solid and could be renovated.

Leap Of Faith

To make a long story short, we bought the house in June of 2010 and started an incredible adventure.  We learned SO MUCH about construction & contractors!  For months if felt like we lived out of the car as we drove back and forth to the property.  The renovation was extensive, and Magnolia did an amazing job.  The original part of the house had two bedrooms and one bathroom.  There was a large, awkward addition on the front that is zoned commercially and for years was a small grocery store!  That part is now a single stall garage, 3rd bedroom (the master), and 2nd bathroom.  The front door of the house was brought forward several feet, so the old porch is now our foyer.

We were finally able to move in on January 29th, 2011.  We absolutely love this house and feel incredibly blessed to be here.

Show us the Pictures Already!

This is what the house looked like when we bought it.  Pretty scary!  If you want more details, you can look here.

This is Our Home Now

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