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Like a good neighbor…

A neighbor came by this week to check in.  He said he’d been worried about me, but that it looked like I was getting better.  Wow!  I thought maybe everyone saw me as this mega mom of 4 who didn’t freak out at the increasingly tall piles of dishes and didn’t wither after endless sleepless nights… guess I wasn’t fooling anyone after all.  Not really sure why I felt the need to try!  I’ve been tired and overwhelmed these last 4 months, and this guy could tell.  He knew the arrival of our 4th baby had been hard on me, and he was full of encouragement yesterday.  He’d been worried.  Again – wow!  When we moved here I had hoped we’d become part of the community, but had no idea what that would really look like.

I heard long ago that we don’t go to hard places to simply serve, but to be served and show others just how much they have to offer.  No one really wants to receive forever.  We were all created to give of ourselves, and in that place we find great joy.  We Thebaults are not the only ones giving.  In fact, I wonder if we’re really giving as much as we’re receiving!

We love our neighbors!

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