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Please Help West!

Heather Gardner grew up in West and was living there with her four children when the explosion at the fertilizer plant ravaged their home.  Almost all of their belongings had to be discarded due to exposure to insulation, debris, and toxic chemicals.  The house will be bulldozed because the foundation was destroyed.

Can you imagine what they’ve been through?  Just a month ago Heather’s family was happily enjoying life together in this quiet town, and now they find themselves living temporarily in a Best Western with no job, no home, and very few possessions.

This is all in addition to the emotional stress and mourning that the entire town is experiencing after losing 15 members of its small community.

I met Heather after the disaster in West through an organization called Austin Disaster Relief.  We are coming alongside her family to provide support as they get back on their feet.  Part of our role is to help to meet immediate physical needs, and organize fundraising on their behalf.

Are you willing to jump in and help Heather today?  

Can you spare $25 or more to help someone who, in one moment, lost almost everything?  Donations can be made through my PayPal account, and I will pass the funds on to Heather.  100% of your donations will go directly to her.

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Please pass this information along to others you know who have heard about the disaster in West and wanted to help, but were just waiting for the right opportunity!

Thank you and God Bless.

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